Special Custom Tours & Other Services

Alaska is rugged and unforgiving. To take part in any of the trips in this category riders must be in good health, comfortable with heights, water crossings, mud, sharp rock and other extreme conditions. All departure points for these trips are located at least 100 miles from Anchorage so we recommend riders rent a cabin or stay at a lodge near the trailhead in the area to recharge after the ride. These trips are limited entry, must be planned well in advance and require 5 or more riders to make a trip. If your group is below the minimum we can put you on deck in case we get other solo riders looking for this experience. Custom Tours start at $650.00 USD per person.

Alaska ATV Adventures article in Quad Off-Road Magazine 2007

February 5, 2007
"If you want to fish and ride in one of the most rugged, most beautiful places on earth, we highly recommend Alaska.
And if you want to get there with a guide who knows his stuff, look for Tim Cook..." read entire article