Various Alaska
June to Sept

All-Terrain Fly-Fishing Tours guided personally
by Tim Cook, owner of Alaska ATV Adventures.

These custom tours are planned around fish spawning runs and only a few trips are offered per season. Sockeye (Red Salmon) – Midsummer. Silvers (Coho Salmon) – Late summer. Grayling – Dependant on summer migration patterns. These trips are limited entry, must be planned well in advance and require 5 or more riders to make a trip. If your group is below the minimum we can put you on deck in case we get other solo riders looking for this experience.

ATV Fly-Fishing for Fresh Silver Salmon
Two day, one night guided tour – Aug 10 through Sept 15

Catch your limit with Alaska ATV Adventures!Alaska ATV Adventures is set up with fishing for fresh Silver Salmon at cabins 225 miles South of Anchorage, near Homer, Alaska.

These cabins are not open to the general public. To make the best use of your time check-in is early enough to fish the afternoon/evening tide the first day and the morning tide of the second. To get to the fishing location we’ll take Quad ride that includes 5 to 7 miles of beach riding from the cabin. If you would like to add on Halibut fishing to the front or back of your trip the owner of the cabins has a charter boat that can take from 3 to 5 people out at a time. He is one of the best halibut guides in the area.

Each Quad Bike tour will offer two chances to fish the river. The cost per person includes ATV, one overnight stay in the cabin, safety gear, fishing gear if you need it, and a salmon BBQ the night you arrive, if we can get you off the river.

ATV Grayling fishing – Talkeetna Mountains
Daytrip or Overnight guided tour – mid June through Sept

Remote Grayling fishing in the Eureka area of the Talkeetna Mountains is as good as it gets. This area has been overlooked by visitor’s that come to Alaska looking for a world class fishing experience. Grayling winter in Caribou Creek and after long dark months they are ravenous. Hit close to the bubble with your fly and two or three fish will be fighting over the bait. We have caught and released over 50 fish in a day looking for the really formidable and challenging “big ones”.

For more inexperienced ATV riders we have several lakes with Rainbow Trout along with creeks with Grayling within an easy ride of the Lodge.

During July the Nelchena Caribou heard converges in these mountains to drop their calves. While nature is never predictable, we have seen hundreds in day of fishing.

ATV Rental Lodging
Safety & Fishing Gear Limited Meals
Guide gratuity

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