Viking 6 Place UTV Our Viking or 6 place machine has six seats in two rows. Your Alaska Adventure Team guide and two passengers ride in the front row. Three more passengers can ride in the back row.  These machines have six wheels and have a roll bar, allowing us to take passengers as

Double Rider ATV Designed for two full sized adults with one seat for the driver and a second seat behind the driver. These four wheeled machines are longer than a single machine to accommodate two people comfortably. Often referred to as 2-Up ATV’s, they are easy to operate and are fully automatic. During the orientation

Single Driver ATV Our single driver machines are designed for one driver, these machines have one seat and four wheels, which is why they are sometimes called quads. These single driver machines are easy to operate and are either fully automatic or semi-automatic. During the orientation in our training lot, your Alaska Adventure Team guide

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