Chugach State Park Location

Transportation Drop-Off/Pick-up Address:

(For Uber and other transportation companies requiring a physical address for pick-up/drop-off):

Essential One

29383 Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99540

How to get to Chugach Base Camp

Trailhead Check-in is on Konikson Road, Anchorage Alaska. We have come a long way with our technology but for this location…GPS systems do not always work AND the trailhead does not have an address there is a map location for Bird Valley Trailhead using coordinates. For the most accurate results using maps use the Essential One station in Bird Creek, from there you are only a few minutes away. Our confirmation contains detailed driving directions.

More Information About The Area

Chugach Base Camp is located in the northernmost reaches of the Pacific coastal temperate rainforest. This is the largest temperate rainforest on the planet which begins in Northern California, traverses 2500 coastal miles and ends a short distance from our facility, Chugach Base Camp. Just across the river and visible from camp, is Taiga. Taiga is also known as Boreal or snow forest, hence the world’s largest land biome begins its journey here and sprawls all the way to Siberia.


UBER/LYFT – We work with a local UBER & LYFT driver. Call them ahead to arrange the pick-up time and location for both your hotel and the trailhead, once they arrive on your curb/trailhead, book the UBER/LYFT.

Rental Cars – We have been recommending Vito’s Car Sales and Rental off Gambell Street in Anchorage. In 2020 they were renting sedans for $71 a day ($300 refundable deposit, guests provide their own insurance). For more information please call 907-917-3310.